What is VSEN?

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Vietnam Social Enterprises Network (VSEN) was established as one branch of Creative Entrepreneurs Club as to exchange and share information and raise awareness of social enterprises, the social initiatives (Social Innovations) and the typical volunteer model.


3 core values of VSEN is Creativity – Humanity – Sharing.

VSEN operates primarily on the social network at https://www.facebook.com/groups/VSEN.org/ and only admits members who join voluntarily.

VSEN will have a website to publish knowledge, concept of social entrepreneurship and social creative entrepreneurship, at www.vsen.org. This site is also home to connect social entrepreneurs, investors, non-governmental organizations, charity and investment funds and those who are interested in this topic.

On 20 Sept 2015, VSEN launched new office at Hanoi Creative City and prepare the introduction of a new “SE Hub” in Hanoi.

VSEN was established primarily to connect businesses in the creative industries who have the desire to develop into social enterprises, then open for other sectors, non-governmental organizations, charity funds, businesses doing social responsibilities, to build a network of mutual supports, tied up for the goal of solving social issues in Vietnam, building a fairer society of more eco-friendly and more sustainable development.

VSEN is a hub of social enterprises primarily in the field of creative industries, taking creativity as the product / service for social enterprises, and encourage other businesses to follow social creative path (social innovation) to develop business activities and create profit for enterprises, create benefits for social activities.

The concept of “social enterprise” has been used since the late 70s of the last century. These organizations are defined as enterprises operating under market mechanism, however, the primary purpose is solving social problems rather than pure profit. Establishing social enterprises is seen as a solution to the chronic social problems such as help to disable people or environmental protection.

Organizational structure

 (i) Advisory Board

(ii) Executive Committee

(iii) Representative VSEN abroad: VSEN have 1 representative in the United States, three representatives in the UK, 1 representative in Northern Ireland, 1 representative in Japan, 2 representatives in Singapore. This is typical of students representing students in Vietnam.

(iv) Representative Office in the Southern Region of Vietnam based in a creative space, Terminal 3A Ton Duc Thang, Ho Chi Minh City

(v) VSEN intellectual women Association under Vietnam Association of Women Intellectual Women was established on 10 July 2015,  includes 24 female members representing all community activities.

Two  VSEN members were honored an award of Vietnam  Women Intellectuals on 02/08/2015.


VSEN continuously organizing community activities towards Philanthropy as Zero dong Class, Street Music Performances, Health Care consulting program, 1000 Smile Project,  Smiling Vietnam Project, charity fair, volunteers particularly focusing intellectuals, modeled Voluntary Services …

VSEN also sponsor activities for many social projects as Project Paper Crane, Charity Fair.

Specifically, from July 2015, VSEN chooses Living Will Center run by ms. Thao Van ,a well known lady with handicap as a pilot case to provide a support with think tank volunteers and cooperation agreement signed between VSEN traning member and Living Will Center to create opportunities for people with disabilities have adequate income.

From Sept 2015, VSEN in cooperation with T&A Ogilvy officially announce a support program for Thương Thương Hand made run by lady Thu Thương with glass bone disease as a typical case of Social Enterprise.

VSEN participates in many social initiatives as “Mom and Dad, I want to go out,” 1000 Smiles Project, or skills training program business management CRM …

VSEN is as a bridge for the scholarship program for students with disabilities.

Representative of VSEN is also a member of the Network of Social Enterprises Vietnam Scholars (VSES), we publish many researches and studies. On 26 Sept 2015 combine with VSES to organize a seminar “Social Entrepreneurship from Zero to Hero” free to the community participation.


VSEN believes that the creative industries are the most favorable economic sectors and have the most potential to build social enterprises, by its sustainability in socioeconomic development, consistent with the goal of environmentally friendly go-green growth. At the same time, the creative industries are also easy to create jobs for disadvantaged people.

VSEN is a humane community, takes the support of social enterprise as a motto, take social benefits as a goal.

VSEN is the humane community, non-profit activities, to share knowledge, linking individuals, organizations and businesses with the same enthusiasm towards building social enterprises under general international trend, which increases access to supporting resources, in order to fully exploit the resources and investment of the private sector to solve social problems and protect the environment in Vietnam.


In image building, VSEN is a humane community, take the initiative to support social and vulnerable groups and special circumstances make the motto, get social benefits serve as goals.

VSEN keeps the principle of a community willing to share all the knowledge, relationships, ideas … VSEN community is willing to share all the knowledge, relationships, ideas … VSEN does not advocated to provide any service, VSEN is the center (hub) of connection, seek opportunities for the community and spread the benefits.

One of the important directions of VSEN in near time to be closely associated with intellectuals, businessmen, particularly startup community that is creating new opportunities for social enterprise community and vulnerable groups. On 20/11/2015, VSEN in cooperation with the British Council organizes the Business and Investment Networking connectivity create opportunities for disadvantaged communities and social enterprises and startups.


On 27/01/2015, in collaboration with the British Council, VSEN organised a meeting of exchanges with Mr. David Lord Puttnam, Trade Envoy of the British Prime Minister (Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma and Ms. Cherry Gough – Country Director of the British Council to represent creative members  in the field of creative arts.

On 01/02/2015, Creative Talk & Networking # 1 focus on social enterprises and fund raising.

On 24/05/2015, VSEN Creative Talk & Networking # 2 with the theme of social enterprise for people with autism, here announced “Sunrise for U” program for the community of  people with autism.

In 24/5/2015, Sunrise for U program to support Vietnam Autism community is launched.

On 28/07/2015, VSEN publish the fanpage “Beauty in Silence” supporting deaf and hearing impaired community in Vietnam at the Hair Fashion Show for Deaf people.


(i) Sunrise for U

Sunrise for U is an initiative to support Vietnam Autism community, is launched on 24/05/2015.


Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/treemtuky/?fref=ts fanpage, which provide information support to families with autistic relatives.

Accordingly, the first two branches of the Sunrise for Arts and Sunrise for Parents have formed.

On 06/06/2015, the first music school namely SFORA (Sunrise for Arts) for autistic children was launched in Hanoi marked an important milestone, and in last September the second school SUNRISE FOR MUSIC in Danang is established.


Parallel to that, Sunrise for Parents are operated continuously through SFORA activities for parents, “Mom and Dad, I go out”, “Man, I want play offline” was held free for the community. On 03 Oct 2015, the first training center TASY for parents of autistic children has officially opened.


Sunrise for U on VTV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykey86bCuSI

Sunrise for U on official website http://www.nhandan.com.vn/cuoituan/doi-song-xa-hoi/item/27789702-binh-minh- for-bamboo-tu-ky.html

 (ii) Zero dong Training Class provided free for handicaped and disavantaged children and students


 (iii) Health Care consulting program “Back to Basics”



(iv) Charity Fair

 (v) Beauty in Silence support deaf and hearing impaired community in Vietnam



 (vi) Emergancy Aid Campaign: 5 days campaign namely “After Rain & Floods” calling aid for Quang Ninh and Dien Bien in natural disaster;

Reference: http://www.thanhnien.com.vn/chinh-tri-xa-hoi/hon-8-ti-dong-giup-do-nguoi-dan-vung-mua-lu-quang-ninh-va-dien-bien-595456.html



 (vii) Emergency 60 hours Campaign “Pink Drops for Kids”


Donating blood to save 35 babies suffering from serious blood diseases

Pink Drops for Kids  was organized in 1 day from 7h30 to 20h dated 24.09.2015 has attracted about 1000 people donating blood or supporting staffs.

Also the campaign received thousands of gifts from everywhere of the country for pediatric patients. 62 kid patients receive support money.


 (viii)  Cactus in Sand Campaign – Let’s stand up against Violence to women and children

In fact, 2/3 of women Vietnam each have at least one of the three forms of physical violence, mental and sexual life. 87% of victims of domestic violence never seek help from government agencies, mainstream services. Many generations have been raised and brought up in the belief that men are men, have the right to do the acts of violence against women. However women believe that such things are normal, a part of life. More dangerous when society does not think that it was a criminal act. Also on the minds of many people, the woman left the house a temporary step, difficult road back, afraid “to viewers back tweeting” or fear of reprisal, more violence. At the same time, the sale of children occurs in many different forms, such as trafficking in children in domestic, cross-border, or among countries …


When VSEN heared about 2 true stories as, a wife who has been unstuck her skin by her hunsband or another wife is dropped into the kennel for dog bites. We decided to act. Our team decided to survey places of refuge for women affected by violence, trafficking and sexual abuse, directly interviewing the women in this case. It was noon on Thursday. Then, after 72 hours (3 days), VSEN launched a campaign namely “Cactus on sand”.

We focus to do as follows:

+ Medical check-up at hospitals for all abused and trafficked women and children  + Call for donations of essential household items to the places of refuge within 14 days, from 6/10 to end on 10/19/2015.

+ Organize 2 training courses on knowledge and skills needed to combat violence, women and children need to know what rights they have to combat violence, and laws to protect them behind. At the same time, support for legal counseling abused women and children being trafficked.

+ Create employment opportunities for women subjected to violence in social enterprise networks based on the list of women with needs and ability to work immediately.

+ Organization of photo exhibition Hidden Voice to speak out about violence from 20/10 to 30/10/2015.

+ Launching the volunteers do the video image for the campaign launched to raise awareness

+ Offer red roses and food for violated  women on Vietnam Women Day 20/10.

+ Announce the results of the campaign Cactus in the sand at the “HeForShe – Because the women around us” event in the evening of 20 October.

The campaign was launched through media tools is a facebook social network. Immediately get strong support of the community should spread to the southern and central region. Made up of 7 points received goods demand relief.

Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/X%C6%AF%C6%A0NG-R%E1%BB%92NG-TR%C3%8AN-C%C3%81T-538518909640258/?fref=ts

Link event https://www.facebook.com/events/1711465712418589/

Overview information campaigns entire Cactus on sand (Live VTV1 on 20/10/2015) http://vtv.vn/doi-song/xuong-rong-tren-cat-dong-hanh-voi-phu-nu-bi-mua-ban-bao-hanh-20151020205324617.htm

2 typical videos of Cactus in Sand with high viral rating



(ix) Business and Investment Networking – Innovations and Practices on 20 Nov 2015.